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Busteni is situated in the Prahova Valley, in Prahova County, Romania, at the foot of Caraiman Massif in the Bucegi Mountains. It's one of the most spectaculars resorts as it is surrounded by amazing peaks. Busteni has cool summers (average temperature in July: 15.5°C), and cold winters (average temperature in January : -5°C). Each year the pure air and breathtaking landscape bring thousands of tourists to Romania where they can enjoy skiing and hiking.  The resorts along the mountain chain which cross Romania from north to south, offer their guests excellent facilities for recreation in summer and winter. During the winter months, Busteni station offers the possibility to practice skiing and sledding. Here there are ski paths with different difficulty levels. There are opportunities for hiking, caving, observing nature or skiing on well-marked slopes. Busteni is a spa which operates all year round. The climate and fresh air (without allergens), as well as the healthy ozone-rich environment is recommended for the recovery treatment of asthenic neurosis (as well as other asthenic conditions), physical and intellectual overexertion, rachitis, and physical developmental problems in children, and general convalescence. Busteni makes a great starting point for trips into the mountains around which are numerous natural phenomenas: "Babele" - a wind-chiseled slope in the Bucegi Massif; the "Shpynx" - the result of the combined action of wind, rain and snow; gorges, caves, etc. There are two cable cars in the city: Busteni - Babele, length 4.350 m, level difference 1.235 m, within 13 minutes; Babele - Pestera, length 2.611 m, level difference 560 m, within 10 minutes. The area is not only rich in natural and geographical phenomenas, but also in churches, monuments, museums and castles.

Visit : http://www.bustenicazare.blogspot.com

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